I began this blog to record my journey back to reading for pleasure after having lost it a bit as a student and educator.  Reading for assignments or reading student writing had taken some of the joy, and much of the time, away from pleasure reading.  When I began, my project was to discover what was on the shelves of my local library.  I began with the As and worked on.  I made it to somewhere in the Ds before my various interests took the project over.

Somewhere, either in my DNA or through nurture, fast consumption became a good in and of itself.  In reading, that means I often don’t remember what I’ve read for very long because I don’t engage with it on the level I should.    So, to record what I’ve read and to engage and help me remember without the record, I decided to blog about everything I read.  The original project was for a year, hence the blog title, but when I assessed my efforts at the end of the year, I realized that making myself write about what I had read not only recorded that I had read it and when, but it made me think thoughts about the book that I did not have prior to sitting down to write.  I’m still writing primarily for myself, but if what I say helps bring anyone back to their passion for reading or brings anyone to any of the books I’ve enjoyed, that’s a bonus.


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