You Should Have Known–Jean Hanff Korelitz


This is the type of novel whose plot sounds intriguing, but whose cover suggests reconsideration. Dark background, varying typefaces, and a logo for a reading group guide.  Grace is a therapist living in New York in the flat in which she was raised with her talented young son and her generous and good-looking husband, a pediatric oncologist.  She has also just finished a self-help book written in her very few spare hours, with the same title as this novel.  Her talk show circuit is shaping up nicely and she is daring to believe it is true—that all those stolen writing moments might actually help women who choose men whose flaws they see and choose to ignore.  The circuit is put on hold when Grace finds herself embroiled in a scandal that reveals she is one of those women.

Grace is a sympathetic character, but Korelitz drags out her recognition of her own vulnerability to the point that I nearly stopped reading in frustration.

This is the type of novel that is good for a quick read, but at over 400 pages, it does not get the pass I would normally give to this type of novel. It is not a bad read, but I am not sure the time invested is worth the pay off.



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