Fashion in the Time of Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603)–Melinda Camber Porter


This brief volume is a combination manuscript/reproduction of a manuscript submitted by a young Melinda Camber Porter  as a student at the City of London School for Girls.  The young Camber Porter drew fantastic renditions of Elizabethan costumes and, at the start of the manuscript, gave very clear descriptions of the pieces of the costumes.  She categorized costumes by sex, class, and age.  A brief glossary of fashion items and a list of Camber Porter’s awards conclude the volume.

This attention to the early art of an important female art figure is reassuring.  I would love to review the original manuscript after having a taste of her drawings in this reproduction.

This book would be of interest to artists, theater enthusiasts interested in costuming, historical fiction novelists seeking that last note of historical authenticity, or parents and teachers seeking to inspire young women in scholarly and artistic careers.

Thanks to Net Galley and the publisher for an advanced copy of this volume.



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