The Road to Little Dribbling–Bill Bryson (Audio)


I loved Notes From a Small Island, so thought the audiobook of its sequel would be just as fun–and, hey, great title. England and Bryson have both aged in this volume, and neither, it seems, have become softer or gentler. I nearly stopped listening to the book several times. Bryson’s The world, once beautiful and wonderful, became cheap, commercial, and selfish. I kept going, however, because I long for a road trip across the English countryside and, eventually, Bryson stopped trying to convince us that 1980s and 1990s England was superior to the 2010s and admitted what he loved about England. In my favorite chapter he listed how many years it would take to see all of the historic churches in England if you saw one very day, how many inventions had come out of England, Nobel prize winners, etc.

Unless you like being harangued for hours, I would not recommend joining Bryson on his walks through memory lane.  Instead, check out the original.



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