Dept. Of Speculation–Jenny Offill (Audio Book)

When this book first began, I was not sure if I like it.  It was all over the place and weird.  I rechecked the summary.  The wife narrates almost stream-of-consciousness thoughts as she progresses through infertility, motherhood, professional struggles, and infidelity.  She quotes philosophers.  She says things most of us have thought at some time.  She seems a little mean and vindictive.  I became frustrated with her, frankly.  Infidelity is awful, but there are worse things in life.  Disease, pain, death, unending grief resulting from death.  Infidelity because your love no longer loves you.

But I loved “the wife’s” voice.  I missed her when the book ended.  I need to find more Jenny Offill.

Finished 8/21/15


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