George Martin–Dance with Dragons (Game of Thrones Series)


I am a late convert to the GMT series.  In fact, I didn’t begin reading the books until I had watched the first season of the HBO adaptation on DVD.  Now, however, I’m hooked.  I was disappointed, therefore, when I read a poor review of the latest volume, Dance with Dragons.  This particular review mocked the plot as Tyrion floats down a river and whines and people die.  The review was true in that Tyrion does float down a river and people do die.   If I picked up Dance with Dragons as a stand-alone novel, I probably would not persevere, but, as a loyal fan, I thoroughly enjoyed following the various characters, particularly as this volume followed some of my favorite characters, such as Jon Snow and Tyrion, not to mention Danaerys.  

Martin also managed to surprise me as the book came to a close.  People I thought might win the Game of Thrones died suddenly, betrayed.  People I had counted out were given a second chance to resurge.  Little of this book took place in King’s Landing, which suited me.  Much of it took place outside Westeros and I enjoyed envisioning the geography outside the kingdom I have come to know and love.

What Dance with Dragons did best, however, was set up what I hope will be a crazy ride in the next volume.  Players have moved on the board, some have left, and we’re ready for some big action moves.  Game of Thrones on.

Finished 2/1/14


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