Georgiana Darcy’s Diary: Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice Continued–Anna Elliott (eBook)


Ok, so I’m lost in Jane Austen’s England.  Again.  For me it’s like eating a whole batch of chocolate chip cookie dough, but without the saddlebags afterwards.

After reading volume three of Anna Elliott’s Jane Austen continuation, I checked her website and saw that volume one is available for free from your favorite eBook retailer, so I headed to Amazon (like getting a spoon out of the drawer) and downloaded.

What a treat.  In volume one, Elliott focuses on Georgiana Darcy, but the fun comes with Anna de Bourgh, whom Georgiana makes her own project.  This plot device echoes that of Kitty making Mary her project in volume three, but it was still fun to see this almost non-existent character fleshed out and given her own story line.  There was also a fun twist with Lady Catherine de Bourgh and Caroline Bingley, two women Austen fans love to dislike.

This diary is another quick read in diary form.  There are a few moments of awkward prose when Georgiana is trying to justify describing in her diary people she obviously knows and would have discussed previously in her diary, but those moments pass quickly.

Finished 8/5/13


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