Do or Di–Eileen Cook (eBook)


Erin is focused on the future. She wants her own radio show.  She’s wants her boyfriend to leave his wife.  She’s in her thirties and feels the march of time telling her it’s time to make big moves in her life.  When the co-host of a talk show at her station checks into rehab, Erin’s chance at a spot on-air falls into her lap.  It’s not the solo show she wants, and the co-host is the kind of chauvinist she despises, but air time is air time and she takes it.  The show, Male Men, becomes He Said She Said and is a huge hit, but Erin longs for the solo show that is part of her dream.  To advance her chances at that dream, Erin signs up for Positive Partnerships, a pet project for the station’s manager, and is assigned a troubled teen whom she is supposed to mentor.  Diana is tall and awkward and believes she does not need another mentor.  She has one–the ghost of Princess Diana.  Despite her best intentions, Erin is soon drawn in by the gawky teen and her self-confident air and her idea that she should be Erin’s mentor.  

Diana and Erin’s best friend both have plenty to say about her relationship with the station’s lawyer, who told her he was married after the first time they slept together.  Erin has principles–she refuses to sleep with him again until he leaves his wife, but she is okay with dating him.  Diana tells her she can do better and her best friend reminds her of the ethical issues of her position.  

Everything becomes more complicated when the station manager asks Erin and her co-host, Colin, to feign the relationship their listeners have assumed underpins their on-air sexual tension, at least until they get through a syndication review that could launch all of their careers to a new level.

The rest is fairly predictable.  The wise troubled teen has the right of it.  The chauvinist co-host is revealed as a soft and caring gentleman off-air and the married boyfriend is outed as a serial cheater with no backbone and an over-inflated sense of his own appeal.  Of course things go to hell in a hand basket, of course Erin has an epiphany that lying her way to the life she wants, and of course it all turns out in the end because this is a fairy tale.  There’s even a dog.

Along the way it’s a lot of fun.  And that’s what summer reads are all about.


Finished 8/1/13


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