The Giver-Lois Lowry


My son told me I had to read this book.  It’s won a series of awards.  It’s no surprise that it’s good.  What is interesting is why Lowry chooses to change in her dystopic future.  People don’t have real emotions.  They don’t have sex.  They don’t have individuality.  They don’t have privacy.  They don’t have control over their lives.  They don’t have biological families.  Children are birthed by a class of breeders who are assigned to hard labor after their birthing days are over.  Children are raised by a class of nurturers who kill children who don’t conform to the norm.  People don’ t see color.

People have traded everything we value about being human for security.  Hmmm.

One person holds the memories of humanity’s past and it’s time for him to pass along those memories.  To Jonas.

My son wanted to know what I thought of the ending.  To be frank, it pissed me off.  He shared theories of what the ending means.  I was still pissed off.  My daughter’s boyfriend heard our discussion and said, “that book was weird.”

The Giver caused young adult readers to think.  And that’s why it won awards.  Now on to the companion volumes.

Finished 12/12


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