The House of Lost Souls–F. G. Cottam

Scary books are not my thing in general, but this one appealed to me as a change of pace.  Four ethics students visit Fisher House and one commits suicide and three are on suicide watch shortly after.  Paul Seaton, from Dublin, is called to meet with the special ops brother of one of the students, Nick Mason.  Paul’s story with Fisher House is unveiled slowly as the two share stories and the reader is drawn into the world of post WWI Western civilization, devastated and hardened by the sheer volume of deaths.  Jazz, too much wealth, talking film, changing power for women, and interest in the occult collide with the world of 1980s London and 1990s politics.  Another suicide, that of photographer Pandora Gibson-Hoare, becomes the key to unlocking the power of Fisher House, which is set on the isolate Isle of Wight.  Cottam creates a world so twisted and secretive that I thought at one point that he was never going to be able to deliver an ending sufficiently chilling to match the build up.   I was incorrect.  Don’t read before bed if you’re suggestible.

Finished 8/18/12


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