A Corner of the Veil–Laurence Cosse

The impossible has happened:  God’s existence has been irrefutably proven.  By a former priest in a flash of inspiration.  Experts are awed by the proof’s brilliance and spiritually awakened.  Secular believers are moved to change their lives.  Those in power are moved to fear and repression.

The novel never details the proof, but instead plays with the ways in which various individuals respond to it and to its possibilities for humankind.  Many come out of this exploration looking terrible, which is itself interesting because the one thing we’re really told about the proof is that God incorporates evil and good, all choices, but that God wants us to choose the good so we can all, God included, continue.  It’s a Trinitarian proof, which presents a huge problem for a post 9/11 world (the French original was written in 1996 and this translation was done in 1999), but, perhaps because Cosse is French, she anticipates the issues Christianity would face with Islam.

A fun and quick  read for anyone interested in religion and human nature.

Finished 8/14/12



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