the old ballerina–ellen cooney

I would not normally have picked this book off the shelf, but my midlife crisis is taking place around art and the way we express ourselves through various art forms.  The book jacket says this is a story about the creative process and how art can and will happen anywhere.

It’s a novel, but more a collection of stories tied together by a common acquaintance, Mrs. Kamsky, an old ballerina who gives lessons to teenage boys in an upscale suburb.  The story line of Mrs. Kamsky’s life is never clear.  Neither is the story of most of the characters.  Most clear is Lisette, a former pupil of Mrs. Kamsky’s, who had an affair, broke her feet, and escaped, only to return when Mrs. Kamsky summons her, and Davey Peete, from a construction family, who breaks another boy’s kneecap and is strong-armed into taking ballet lessons, only to fall in love with ballet.

It was not what I thought, but I did not stop reading it, either.  I am not in love with it, but it stirred me, much like each character describes the way Mrs. Kamsky stirs them.

Finished 7/2/12


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