The Last Bridge–Teri Coyne

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book based on the blurb inside the dust jacket.  The cover promised “a rewarding read you’ll never forget.”  Blurbs like these are like movie reviews on trailers.  They’re culled to show how awesome the product is.

But this one was dead on.

Cat is a bitter drunk who returns home when her mother commits suicide.  Her father is in a coma in the hospital, but, among the three of them, Cat is the worst off.

Cat escapes in a bottle, but the past leaks out and, as she faces her tragic childhood, Coyne draws you into the horrifying world of an abused child who is victimized not only by her abuser but by all of those who stood by and let it happen.

Just a teaser: Cat identifies her mother’s body by the missing tip of a finger, which her father cut off with a saw in the barn while the children watched following their mother’s attempt to escape him.  And it gets worse before it gets better.

The biggest disappointment was finding out Coyne has not written a second novel.

Finished 5/6/12


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