Catching Fire-Suzanne Collins

I hate to say this about a book, but I can’t wait for this movie.

The ante is upped.  Rebellions have begun after Katniss’ symbolic finger to the Capitol in threatening to eat the poison berries at the end of The Hunger Games.  President Snow points to this moment, but we all know it goes back to when Katniss covers Rue in flowers, to when she refuses to act like the animal the Games assume she is.

President Snow leads Katniss on a merry chase that drives her further into the stereotype of femininity and the arms of Peeta.  They announce their engagement and then Peeta announces their (nonexistent) clandestine marriage and nascent pregnancy.

All of this to protect their friends and family in District 12.  Epic fail.

The Hunger Games are the Quarter Quell, which celebrates the 75th anniversary of the games.  This celebration requires an innovation and for this particular Quell it’s reaping from the surviving victors, which means Katniss is back in the arena and Peeta volunteers to save Haymitch and, his ultimate goal, Katniss.

My son commented that “Katniss fights alone in The Hunger Games, but in Catching Fire it’s all about alliances.”  Katniss has grown up and realized that there are people she can and must trust.

The one person she hesitates to trust is herself and the Twilight-esque drama over Peeta vs. Gale becomes all too frustrating from a character who is hard as nails everywhere else.

Maybe I’m just slow, but Collins kept me guessing.  I knew where the book was leading, but was never entirely sure how we were going to get there.  Let me say that I enjoyed the ride.

Finished 4/11/12


One thought on “Catching Fire-Suzanne Collins

  1. Thats a great point about the change in Katniss showed through the alliances. I feel like it reflects a huge change in the books from the focus on the personal to the political. Great review!

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