Stupid and Contagious–Caprice Crane

Stupid and Contagious is light fun.  The chapters are short (some are only a paragraph) and switch back and forth between Heaven and Brady.  Heaven is a recently fired publicist, then waitress who has a penchant for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.  In my house we would say she has no filter.  Brady owns an indie record label that is funded mostly by a dwindling inheritance.  They’re both hip, but not and Brady ends up as Heaven’s neighbor when he breaks up with psycho-Sarah.  They dislike each other immediately (Brady hollers at two in the morning just to hear the echo and Heaven opens his mail when it comes to her mailbox), but they, of course, begin to grow on each other and, throw in a stray dog who knows how to smile that Heaven adopts and everyone can go awwwwww.

The story moves fairly quickly once Crane gets past the “we hate each other” stuff, then slows again when we get back to the “we hate each other” stuff at the end.  She has written for MTV and it shows.  A fun read if you don’t want to create any new neural connections, but want to feel good and watch someone else fall in love.

Finished 12/17/11


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