Tea for Two–Trish Perry


Once again, the lure of food caused me to pick up this novel.  Food and the desire for a light read.  It’s Christian chick lit, but of higher quality than the Spa Girls volume I read earlier this month.  Tina is a 34-year-old counselor in small east coast town whose husband committed suicide a short time after their divorce at the age of 20.  Holy early marriage, batman!  Milly, the British proprietor of the local tea house, is the mother figure to all in the tale, and she plays  matchmaker between Tina and Zack, a lonely single dad of two teenagers whose evil wife left him and their children four years previously.  Zack needs help with his troubled teens, not to mention someone to be a mother figure, and Tina needs to find real love.  Both are smokin’ hot, which doesn’t hurt, although how they manage to stay hot and eat Milly’s endless stream of treats is a bit of a mystery. 

Overall the characters feel like real people, although when Tina talks about her church and its nondenominational nature and has a discussion with a teen about finding Christ, the story leaves the narrative tracks and feels like it’s marketing to Christian chick lit readers.  It wasn’t a bad read, but I won’t be rushing to find anything else by Trish Perry, and it’s not just because I have a bias against someone putting Trish as their first name on the front of any book cover.  It lacks the authorial ring and sounds more like a country music star’s moniker.  Then again, if Trish Perry writes about Milly, I’ll be eating my words while I wish Ms. Perry included recipes for some of Milly’s concoctions.

Finished 9/20



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